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Blade Forge 3D

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Blade Forge 3D is a 3D sandbox game in which you can create your own weapons and fight enemies in a virtual world. You can battle against other players in the game’s multiplayer mode, join with friends to form a guild, and explore the game’s vast expanse of procedurally generated maps.

Blade Forge 3D is a multiplayer 3D platformer game in which players must navigate as a creature of their choosing. The game is available for free on Steam.


Players can choose to play as a tiger, a rhino, a rabbit, or a wolf. The game features a 3D environment in which players must use their chosen creature's abilities to navigate the terrain and collect power-ups to progress. Players are given a tutorial to help them learn the controls before they are thrust into the fray.


Blade Forge 3D is not overly graphically intensive but it does have a nice cartoon-style aesthetic. The characters are well animated and feature a wide variety of vibrant colors.


Blade Forge 3D is playable with a keyboard, mouse, or controller and does not require a large amount of skill or dexterity. Players can choose to use the WASD keys, the arrow keys, or a controller to move their character.


Blade Forge 3D is an enjoyable game but it can be played once. There are no differences in the game modes and it does not have any sort of leaderboard or multiplayer functionality.


Blade Forge 3D is a fun game that is easy to play and a nice diversion for an hour or two. It does not have any replayability but it does have a good aesthetic.


  • Fun, interactive, and entertaining
  • It is free to download and play
  • It is very entertaining and easy to learn
  • It has great graphics and it is very well made.


  • Inappropriate for children under the age of 18
  • The game is only available for iOS devices.


Blade Forge 3D Blade Forge 3D

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