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Secret Neighbor

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The game is about a boy who moves to the city and meets his new neighbor. They become friends and start investigating the mysterious happenings around town.

Secret Neighbor is a game that can be played by two to four players in a simplified and easy to use mode. It is an interactive tile-based game that is played with a mouse.


The gameplay is a point and click adventure game, meaning that the protagonist moves around the screen and investigates objects. There are a couple of puzzles in the game that require the player to solve them to progress.

The gameplay of Secret Neighbor is based on an interactive tile-based game that is played with a mouse. Players are able to see the whole board at the beginning of the game and use a mouse to move the tiles. The goal is to find the tiles with different colors and combine them similar to Tetris. The more tiles are combined, the higher the score.


The graphics are not realistic, but they are not supposed to be with this kind of game. The colors are vibrant and the player will have no difficulty in following the protagonist around the screen.

The graphics in the game are suitable for a kids game. The colors are bright, and the tiles are simple. The tiles are colorful and easy to recognize.


The player interacts with objects by clicking on them and moves by using the arrow keys. The player can interact with the protagonist by clicking on him or her.

The game is quite easy to play and the controls are simple. Players can use a mouse to move the tiles and select the tiles with different colors to combine them.


The game is short and the player can go back to the game if they want to. Replayability in the game is quite limited, because the gameplay is quite simple and predictable.


Secret Neighbor game is a suitable game for kids. The gameplay is simple and predictable, the graphics are suitable for a kids game, and the controls are easy. The game is not that replayable, because the gameplay is quite simple.


  • The game is free to sign up
  • Allows users to get to know their neighbors
  • The app is a way to make friends
  • Allows users to be more aware of their surroundings.


  • Requires a lot of time to play the game
  • Requires a lot of time to move into new neighborhoods
  • Certain areas are too expensive to move to.


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor
Secret Neighbor
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