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In the Roof Rails, you are a roofer who has to repair a rooftop. Your goal is to make sure that when you are done, there are no leaks. The roof is made up of different slopes that you have to climb over, and at the top of the roof, there is a water tank. The water tank has the same type of slopes as the roof. The roof is made up of different materials, such as wood, metal, tiles, and shingles. If you walk on any of these materials, they will break and you will have to go around. Roof Rails is a 3D arcade racing game with a focus on stunts and driving skills.


Roof Rails offers multiple modes to play the game, each with a different objective. The first mode is called Free Play and allows the player to drive around the city and perform stunts to build up a score multiplier. In this mode, the player can also compete with AI opponents and use power-ups for a few seconds during the race. The second mode is called Race, where the player races against AI opponents or against other players in multiplayer mode. There is also a third mode called Time Trial where the player competes against the clock to set the best time.


The graphics in Roof Rails are eye-catching, with a stylized and cartoonish look. The game has an isometric view, with the player looking at the racing track from a top-down perspective. One of the most interesting features of the game is the use of 3D graphics for the environments, giving them a realistic and dynamic feel.


The controls are intuitive and easy to learn. The player can control the car with either a joystick or a mouse and keyboard combination.


The game is not repetitive as there are multiple modes to play.


Roof Rails is an enjoyable arcade racing game with a focus on stunts and driving skills. The Roof Rails is a two-dimensional video game with a top-down perspective. The graphics are in simple design and very cartoon-like, with a lot of color. The controls are pretty easy. You need to use the arrows to go around and you can zoom in and out by pressing the left and right arrow keys. One issue with the controls is that when you are at the top of the roof, you have to move in a direction and then press up or down to move in that direction, which can be confusing. The Roof Rails has no replayability.


  • The Roof Rails game is easy to use
  • The Roof Rails game is easy to set up
  • The Roof Rails game is inexpensive
  • The Roof Rails game is great for all ages.


  • The Roof Rails game does not offer many bells and whistles
  • The Roof Rails game is only good for 2 player games
  • The Roof Rails game is not the most sturdy.


Roof Rails Roof Rails

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