WhatsApp Unveils Deftly Designed Native macOS App

  • 30-08-2023 |
  • Delilah Carrington

WhatsApp, the globally renowned messaging application, recently rolled out its new native app exclusively for Mac users. Reminiscent of an open secret, this launch is garnished with user-friendly features, making Mac users' interaction with WhatsApp more dynamic and enjoyable. Now, WhatsApp on Mac is not merely about texting but places the power to video call up to eight people and initiate audio calls with 32 people at your fingertips.

Mark Zuckerberg, the force behind the Meta-owned app, took to Facebook to announce the launch. For eager downloaders, a visit to WhatsApp’s website will direct you to the app. WhatsApp has also hinted at the availability of the macOS client on the Apple App Store in the near future - certainly something to stay tuned for!

Tailored to be relatable for Mac users, WhatsApp's macOS app amplifies productivity. With its design favoring large-screen usage, it offers the convenience of sharing files via a simple drag and drop into the chat and the capability to view an extended length of your chat history. Not only does this add to your multi-tasking productivity, but it also further enriches the user experience.

Evidently, WhatsApp's meticulous planning in testing the Mac client hasn't gone unnoticed. The app was earlier released in public beta this year, giving MacOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon users a chance to test the waters. Not to forget in a similar vein, WhatsApp rolled out a new Windows client with analogous features for group calling earlier in March.

As we approach the end, it's worth noting the evolutionary journey of WhatsApp's desktop apps. Launched back in 2016 and aligning with the shifts in desktop machine architecture, WhatsApp has constantly enhanced its clients. Worth mentioning is the 2021 introduction of multidevice linking to one account, which ensures the reception of messages on any of the four devices, even without a network-connected phone. Truly, WhatsApp's native macOS app is not just a launch but a sufficient testament to its commitment to user convenience and adaptability.