Using Spatial Audio in Apple Music Sessions Allows You to Truly Enjoy Music

  • 18-07-2022 |
  • Oscar Jennings

Apple Music Sessions was released, which opens up new opportunities for Apple Music subscribers. Now all the 98 million lucky users who have signed up for a paid subscription will have access to live releases, where you can listen to young talented performers, as well as those who have already won the hearts of the audience. And all this will happen using Spatial Audio.
Apple explained to the users the aspects of the new music sessions. Now they are being recorded all over the world using new sound technology, which allows artists to breathe new life into their hits and perhaps bring something new to them, or simply create great new covers. All such performances are simultaneously recorded on video, the collection of which is also available to users.
Apple presented its country-inspired release with two artists, Tenille Townes and Carrie Underwood, who were recorded in the finest studios of Nashville, Tennessee. Each of the releases includes 3 videos and 3 audios, and they definitely deserve attention.
Apple uses an object-based audio track for the Spatial Audio system and has also developed its own hardware to fully enjoy Spatial Audio. So, if you have AirPods 3, AirPods Max, or AirPods Pro headphones, then the technologies built into them will provide better sound playback for the Dolby Atmos music.
The basic concept of Apple Music Sessions was born out of competition with Spotify, which already has a similar feature. However, it is already obvious that Apple managed to make this feature much better. And even the recent increase in prices for the student plan does not reduce the demand for Apple products, since the company clearly understands how to please its users.
Did you enjoy Apple Music Sessions? Do you appreciate the availability of high-quality sound in apps? Please share your thoughts below.