Total War: Pharaoh Is Set To Enhance And Broaden Its Campaign With An Imminent Update

  • 02-05-2024 |
  • Oscar Jennings

Sega and Creative Assembly have unveiled plans for significant enhancements and additions to the Total War: Pharaoh campaign gameplay experience, slated for release in the upcoming period. The forthcoming update, as recently revealed, promises to enrich the campaign aspect of the title with a collection of enhancements avidly requested by the community, along with introducing fresh factions to play as well as an array of revised combat units.

With the advent of this update, players will gain access to new playable factions, including Babylon, Assyria, Mycenae, and Troy. Accompanying the introduction of these groups are over 150 fresh combat units, with 80 explicitly tailored for the Mesopotamian factions and more than 70 overhauled units allocated to the Mycenae and Troy factions previously seen in A Total War Saga: Troy.

Furthermore, the campaign map is set to grow, integrating these new groups and offering players additional engaging features such as Dynasty mechanics that weave moral choices and succession challenges into the pursuit of forging an enduring legacy.

Details concerning the release timeline of the update remain under wraps; however, the community has been informed to anticipate a series of blog entries and Q&A sessions paving the way to the arrival of this substantial and complimentary update, which promises to retain the classic campaign experience within the game.