TikTok Creators Get Paid for Longer Videos with New Program

  • 21-02-2023 |
  • Oscar Jennings

TikTok is rolling out a new Creativity Program to reward creators who make longer videos. Aimed at boosting growth in the US, France, and Brazil – where it's currently in beta testing – the program is open on an invite-only basis but will soon expand to include all eligible users. To qualify for the fund, users must be over 18, have hit follower and video view benchmarks, and create high-quality original videos that are longer than one minute.

The move towards incentivizing longer videos comes as no surprise given TikTok’s recent attempts to diversify its content offerings beyond the shortform clips it’s become known for. The company has recently been pushing livestreaming hard and actively encouraging influencers to get involved with this medium by offering special benefits such as exclusive brand gifts and increased exposure through its Explore page. Additionally, TikTok is also rolling out several other initiatives, like educational courses geared towards helping creators hone their skills while increasing their monetization chances on the platform.

Besides giving influencers greater opportunities to earn money through their content creation efforts, these initiatives are also aimed at helping break down barriers between different types of content, like longform versus shortform, so that users can enjoy a wider variety of formats without having to switch platforms or accounts. This could potentially lead to more engaging experiences overall since viewers will no longer be limited by length restrictions or genre-specific preferences when consuming videos across the app. Ultimately this could help increase user engagement levels across all types of video formats, which would help boost not only viewership but also profitability for both TikTok creators and advertisers alike.

In addition to expanding its focus on longform video content creation efforts, TikTok is reportedly working on tools that allow users to directly support each other financially through virtual gifting within livestreams as well as launching subscription services where fans can pay monthly fees in exchange for exclusive access or rewards from their favorite creators – something similar what YouTube offers with its “Fan Funding” feature. This provides even more avenues for monetization beyond just advertising revenue which should further motivate people into producing higher quality material since they know there are multiple ways they can benefit from it financially if successful enought o build an audience around them.

These changes indicate how serious TikTok is about becoming a viable platform not only for entertainment purposes but also where people can potentially make real money while doing something they love – creating unique digital stories! Although still in beta testing mode right now, once fully implemented, this new program, along with other upcoming features, might just go a long way toward ensuring every creator gets rewarded fairly based on how much effort they put into producing great quality work!