Stardew Valley Devs Intrigued Fans With A New Game

  • 22-12-2022 |
  • Oscar Jennings

In recent years, Stardew Valley has become a popular game and continues to be developed by its creator, Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone. He recently announced his next project - Haunted Chocolatier - which is said to be a grand, ambitious vision. In an interview with ScreenRant, he discussed the game's progress and the amount of work that it requires. 

Barone promised that work on this new title is going well but also mentioned that it’s “a big game” in comparison to Stardew Valley, which took him 4.5 years of development time. He also admitted feeling “somewhat daunted” by the size of his current project but reassured fans that he is doing everything possible for its completion as soon as possible. 

The noteworthy point is that Barone has been working in cooperation with Alvvays on this new game and was excited to talk about how they are helping out with the development process, providing feedback and support where needed. The developer did not go into further detail regarding what kind of help they are providing or how far along Haunted Chocolatier currently is in terms of progress but did confirm it will still be some time before release despite two years already spent on it so far.

It may seem like a long wait until Haunted Chocolatier comes out, especially when compared to other games being released nowadays, however considering its ambition level, one can understand why more time than usual needs to be invested into creating something truly special instead of rushing things through just for quick profit reasons.

At the moment, Eric Barone remains tight-lipped about further details concerning Haunted Chocolatier, but at least we know now that there have already been two years put into developing what could potentially end up being another success story for him after Stardew Valley’s resounding popularity over recent times since its initial launch back in 2016.