Social Media Advertising Growth Rate Down to 11% In 2022

  • 10-07-2022 |
  • Delilah Carrington

According to the latest information from Magna, the slowdown in the growth of social media advertising continues. Thus, in the coming year, the growth rate decreased from 18 to 11 percent, which is explained by the fact that the world's largest markets of the leading countries, China and the USA, are approaching the saturation point.

The most recent predictions estimate that global digital advertising revenue, including digital audio, banners, video, search, and social, will be approximately $534 billion, or 65% of all advertising revenue worldwide. The search is the most profitable one and is ahead of even advertising from social networks. Meanwhile, digital video remains the most spectacular and effective advertising.

The decrease in the growth of advertising in social networks is influenced by such factors as audience saturation since social networks are now oversaturated in the modern world, as well as client saturation in markets, which are explained by reaching the stagnation point for budgets. Apple's iOS privacy policy changes have also played an important role, due to which many users have chosen not to share their information in order to improve ad targeting.

Recently, there has been a clear trend of consumer abandonment of linear television. First of all, this allows streaming companies such as Netflix to actively grow, which in turn allows them to implement ad-supported tiers. One way or another, soon, regular television will cease to exist, and with it the familiar TV advertising too.

What do you think is the main reason for the slowdown in social media advertising growth? What ad format are you most interested in? Please share your opinion in the comments.