Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill f Will Receive New Details “When the Time Comes,” Says Konami

  • 31-05-2024 |
  • Delilah Carrington

The recent transmission from Konami concerning Silent Hill gave an in-depth look at Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2, offering a comprehensive overview of gameplay components, different editions, and opinions from the creators. Regrettably, no developments were shared about eagerly awaited projects, including Silent Hill: Townfall and Silent Hill f.

However, there was a silver lining when Motoi Okamoto, the producer of the series, assured on the PlayStation Blog that the anticipated games were indeed being worked upon. He promised updates when the time was right, asking fans to stay tuned.

Annapurna Interactive and No Code, the team behind Observation and Stories Untold, are developing Silent Hill: Townfall. Numerous job ads hint at the use of Unreal Engine 5. It's speculated that this title will kickstart a series of stories, with several indie studios believed to be creating more entries.

The upcoming central game of the series, Silent Hill f, is a product of NeoBards Entertainment, penned by celebrated writer Ryukishi07, known for Umineko and Higurashi When They Cry. While the game is set in rural Japan, other specifics remain under wraps. The gaming platforms for these two games are yet to be made public.