New TikTok Solutions For User Cybersecurity

  • 04-09-2022 |
  • Delilah Carrington

The rapid growth of cyberspace inevitably provokes the growth of possible dangers on the Internet. TikTok is a platform that has the youngest target audience and therefore the most prone to potential threats. Thus, security is a priority for the application.

TikTok is well aware of its responsibility and does everything to protect its audience from unwanted online interactions. Not the last role in this is played by information awareness, as well as the development of communities that fight against cybercriminal activities.

TikTok ensures its commitment to providing a safe online space due to many factors. So recently, the platform began to cooperate with the Global Cyber Alliance, which allowed to expand the set of tools for combating criminal activity on the Internet. Also, TikTok recommends to its users a number of applications that track possible threats.

TikTok paid special attention to information awareness in the latest update. A high-quality one-page overview has been released, which will give you a good idea of ​​the precautions on the Internet. Also, the platform has invested a lot of resources in the training of cybersecurity specialists and the development of this area in general. TikTok advocated for #SeeYourselfinCyber, which means introducing experts from different backgrounds into the security sector. Such a decision aims to cover all social groups, which will have a very good effect on the awareness of users.

TikTok's cooperation with the cybersecurity sector deserves special attention. Such a clear desire of the company may be due to the desire to clean up its reputation since the US security services are negative about how TikTok collects data from its users.

Do you find TikTok a safe platform in cyberspace? What initiatives of the company do you think are the most effective? Please share your opinion below.