New Leadership Aims to Take the Far Cry Series to Greater Heights

  • 14-08-2023 |
  • Oscar Jennings

Ubisoft has lately crowned a new sheriff for its popular Far Cry Intellectual Property (IP), making waves in the gaming community. Drew Holmes, a Ubisost veteran, assumes the reigns as the new boss for the esteemed title. Holmes was the narrative lead for Far Cry 5 and New Dawn and paraded an impressive career in the gaming industry. Adding to his impressive resumé, he also worked on other respected titles, including BioShock Infinite and the Saint’s Row series.

His new promotion couldn't have come at a more opportune time as the development for Far Cry 7 is underway. Holmes' experience and seasoned skills could steer this upcoming game's narrative into hitherto unexplored territories. With his vast experience in crafting engaging storylines, Far Cry 7 could align with its predecessor in delivering memorable gaming experiences.

Far Cry 5 introduced us to the chillingly engaging narrative revolving around the Seed family and their religious cult. This game managed to intrigue the gaming community and has set a high narrative standard for its successors. Far Cry New Dawn, a spin-off title, continued with a post-apocalyptic narrative, even though its gameplay fell short of Far Cry 5’s. These debutantes successfully created a riveting stage and have set a precedence for Far Cry 7.

There are whispers of the upcoming Far Cry 7 gearing up for a fall 2025 release built with the prominent Snowdrop engine. Additionally, talks of a standalone multiplayer game springing from the Far Cry IP have started to gain momentum. This upcoming multiplayer variant is said to introduce an entirely new extraction shooter experience. Although Ubisoft remains tight-lipped, the gaming community eagerly holds its breath for these promising installments.

In conclusion, the appointment of Drew Holmes as the new IP director spells an exciting future for the Far Cry series. As fans, we anticipate new storytelling heights under his leadership while looking forward to the multiplayer game. However, the question remains - will Far Cry 7 meet, or even exceed, the high standards set by its predecessors? Only time will tell.