New Image Search Button May Be Coming to Google Photos Soon

  • 12-12-2022 |
  • Delilah Carrington

One of the most useful and popular Google products for a long time remains the Google Photos service. The tireless work of the developers allows us to regularly release useful updates that expand the functionality and allow users to improve images and photos in many ways.

The revolutionary function of the service is the search by images based on the principle of searching for matches in the text. So, this or that object will be searched by algorithms in all the photos available on all the servers in order to provide the most relevant result. This functionality has already been extended by

Google with a Google Lens shortcut that allows you to search for similar images on the web in one click directly from the image viewer. However, everything points to the fact that soon the way Google Lens for Google Photos works will be changed.

Many users have noticed that the Google Lens button no longer appears in their Google Photos. Now, in place of this button, a generic search shortcut has appeared. With it, you can recognize people in the image and search for them on the Internet. However, the functionality of Lens is still preserved, so you can still select objects in the image in order to get additional information about them.

Thus, the new search available only to a subset of users is another test from Google. It is not yet clear whether it will be successful and whether it will become available for everyone. However, even if your functionality has changed, you should understand that this only increased the range of your capabilities. Whether Google will leave the new face search function or consider it useless will become clear after testing is over.

Do you like the functionality of Google Photos? Have you changed the user interface of the application or is everything the same as before? Please share your thoughts below.