IO Interactive Expands its Horizon with a New Studio in Brighton

  • 07-07-2023 |
  • Delilah Carrington

Continuing the trend of global expansion in the gaming industry, Denmark-based videogame developer IO Interactive has just established a new studio in Brighton, UK. This announcement is expected to strengthen the company's capabilities and boost its growth in the highly competitive interactive entertainment industry.

This Brighton-based expansion represents a strategic move by IO Interactive to consolidate its position in the global gaming industry. With their new facility, the aim is to attract top-notch British and international talent who can contribute to producing high-quality games and entertainment products. To ensure the attainment of this objective, the new Brighton studio will work in conjunction with the existing IO Interactive outlet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The integration of these two studios is expected to create a synergistic atmosphere where creativity and expertise can thrive. Working in tandem will combine the unique capabilities and insights of each team, enabling them to develop compelling gaming experiences for users worldwide. The Brighton studio is particularly expected to add value through its access to a vibrant British gaming landscape and a rich talent pool.

The formation of IO’s Brighton studio demonstrates the company's commitment to investing in promising areas for growth. It represents IO Interactive's continued embrace of global expansion, following their transition to self-publishing. And this move also indicates their ambition to delve deeper into unique interactive digital experiences that transcend borders.

Ultimately, the establishment of IO Interactive's new studio in Brighton is a testament to the company's vision of broadening its global footprint. It not only promises to bring new jobs and opportunities to the Brighton area but also symbolizes the vitality and dynamism of the gaming industry. As IO Interactive continues to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment, game lovers worldwide will be eagerly anticipating the innovation that the collaboration between the Copenhagen and Brighton studios will introduce.