Intergalactic Terrors Invade Dead by Daylight with Latest Alien Update

  • 31-08-2023 |
  • Oscar Jennings

There's a thrilling and terrifying new development in the world of asymmetrical co-op horror gaming. Hailing from the dark confines of deep space, the alien Xenomorph and stalwart heroine Ellen Ripley from the acclaimed 1979 sci-fi and horror cult classic Alien are the newest additions to Dead by Daylight – one of the genre's most celebrated franchises. This latest update brings iconic elements from one of the largest cornerstones of the horror genre directly to its committed player base.

The newest content update introduces transformative gameplay elements that emerge from the dreary, cold silence of the Alien universe. Players can put themselves in the shoes of either the spine-chilling Xenomorph or the resilient Ellen Ripley, navigating the eerie corridors of the newly added map, the iconic Nostromo Wreckage. To enhance the stakes of the gameplay, this update introduces unique gameplay features that deepen the sense of thrill and tension.

Survivors and the alien are offered a variety of strategic maneuverings during the nerve-wracking chase through the Nostromo. For survivors, switches scattered across the map enable the activation of a steam blast that can momentarily halt the alien's pursuit. These traps can be reset repeatedly, adding a layer of suspense. The alien, on the other hand, gets a special Control Station feature, enabling it to quickly move through the ventilation system of the spaceship and get a spectral view of the survivors' footprints above.

As in the custom of the game's IP-based updates, Alien's characters have unique abilities and perks that further individualize their gameplay. While the Xenomorph gets more stealth in its Crawler Mode, Ellen Ripley is gifted with silent footsteps, even during running and dropping pallets. The developers have poured their dedication into replicating the aesthetic and ambiance of the Alien franchise, promising players an authentic and terrifying sci-fi experience.

Dead by Daylight continually succeeds in recharging its appeal by creating a dynamic environment that caters to an increasing pool of audience preferences. The incorporation of revered franchises such as Stranger Things and now Alien attests to the gaming franchise's adaptability and relevance to its community. With partnerships like these, players can expect more exciting collaborations and expansion of the game's universe, truly solidifying Dead by Daylight as an ever-evolving frontier of horror entertainment.