Google Workspace Brings New Features for Slide Desks and Meet

  • 17-10-2022 |
  • Oscar Jennings

Google Workspace becomes more and more functional with new features being constantly added. For many, it’s already an office suite to go, and with the latest updates, it becomes even more attractive an option. The apps that have been updated now are first of all Slides and Meet, so you can communicate and create presentations even better.

Slides, the Google’s presentation editor, now will easier accept content from other apps. The focus of the update is now drag-and-drop experience, allowing users to insert data from other apps with just one movement. The updated Slides will embed the dragged texts, images, or videos from these other apps without any need to copy and then paste them. This allows for creating presentations faster.

Another updated app is Google Meet, a video conferencing service that also competes with ones like Zoom on this overcrowded market. Now, as you create a conference on Google Meet, you will be able to see the details of all the participants right from within the app. This includes their working location, “Out of Office” status, and also see whether the invitee is joining from a meeting room and if the meeting fits into the participant’s working hours.

To access this information on Meet, though, a paid account is required. The new feature is available to those with Enterprise Standard/Plus, Business Starter/Standard/Plus, and educational and non-profit accounts. This also applies to legacy accounts like G Suite Basic/Business. As for the update in Slides, it’s available to everyone.

The next changes already announced at Google Cloud Next '22 will include automatic transcription of meetings and full presentation control on Meet, as well as new features regarding Jamboard and enhanced conversations on Google Chat. So it will be easier to both prepare and conduct your presentations.

What do you think about these updates of Workspace? Is it your working environment by default? Share your impressions with us in the comments!