EA Sports College Football 25 – Wear and Tear, Abilities, and More Detailed in New Deep Dive

  • 01-06-2024 |
  • Oscar Jennings

For EA Sports College Football 25 enthusiasts, a comprehensive gameplay exploration reveals fascinating mechanics unique to the long-awaited sequel. Players will encounter features such as Wear and Tear, distinct playbooks, the Homefield Advantage, and player capabilities.

Wear and Tear introduces a layered health mechanism for players, where constant physical impacts during a game affect players' states over time. As these impacts accrue, substitutions are necessary to maintain good performance in short- and long-term games. In terms of abilities, each player can boast eight different capabilities that can be put to use depending on the flow of each match.

These capabilities fall into two categories: mental and Physical. The first enhances leadership, decision-making clarity, and the ability to execute effectively under duress. This is often more noticeable when the team is playing in an away game. On the flip side, physical abilities primarily help in overcoming tackles and resolving wear-and-tear effects. The Homefield Advantage comes into play as visiting teams grapple with various factors, such as challenging audibles and hot routes, which can compromise their overall performance.

Moreover, with 134 FBS teams to choose from, players can explore numerous playbooks. The developers included reverse handoffs, innovative trick plays, and a revamped Option Game to broaden gameplay strategies. They also unveiled a new kicking meter and advanced passing controls, amongst other elements.

Scheduled for release on July 19th, EA Sports College Football 25 will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 platforms.