Blasphemous 2 Game Size Revealed to be Smaller Than Its Predecessor

  • 29-07-2023 |
  • Oscar Jennings

The sequel to the popular metroidvania game, Blasphemous, is set to be released next month by The Game Kitchen. The game, known for its compact size, is said to be even smaller than its predecessor. The first installment of Blasphemous was a mere 4 GB, but the sequel, Blasphemous 2, will be only 2.1 GB, according to a recent leak.

The PlayStation Game Size has confirmed that the Blasphemous 2 file size will be just 2.1186 GB. This means that the sequel is almost half the size of the original game. However, the length of gameplay for Blasphemous 2 has not been released yet. The first game took approximately 13 hours to complete, or over 25 hours for players seeking a 100% completion rate.

Blasphemous, released in 2019, was highly praised by critics and audiences alike. Considering the positive response to the first game, the anticipation for the sequel is high. The official description of the game reveals that the second part of the Blasphemous series will continue the story of The Penitent One, a character introduced in the free Wounds of Eventide DLC for the original game.

The game description mentions the return of The Miracle and the prophecy of a new miracle child. This suggests that players can look forward to a deep and engaging storyline in addition to the unique gameplay that Blasphemous is known for.

Blasphemous 2 is set to launch digitally on August 24, 2023, with a physical release following on September 15, 2023. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Pre-loading of the title will be possible from August 22. Share your thoughts on this game's release in the comments section below.