An Improved Player For Shorts In Connected TVs and Multi-Screen CTV Viewing on YouTube Is Coming Soon

  • 05-09-2022 |
  • Oscar Jennings

YouTube Shorts are becoming more and more popular. The idea of short videos, borrowed by YouTube from TikTok, has been implemented very successfully, and now the platform has about 30 billion views every day. Such success of Shorts contributed to the fact that YouTube began to invest resources in it. Integration into the Smart TV application is another step that will allow you to view short clips on the big screen, which means it will significantly expand the audience.

The new format for displaying Short clips on TV will allow you to display short videos in the center of a large screen. Also, the name of the clip, its description, and all the songs used in it will be visible. This solution will allow users to better navigate the content.

The decision to popularize YouTube Shorts on Smart TV is extremely successful since the application in this niche competes mainly with TikTok, which does not at all cover the category of people who prefer viewing from the big screen. Also, the short video format is becoming more and more popular, as about 75% of YouTube users prefer this kind of content, which means that increasing its availability by connecting to a larger selection of devices will be effective.

While working on improving the Shorts interface and bringing it to the TV space, YouTube is also expanding the possibilities for listening to music on TV. Now you can add new songs to playlists directly from the screen. And the new mosaic mode will provide comfortable viewing of up to four podcasts at the same time for fans of multi-broadcasting. These changes are certainly alien to a more adult generation, however, for young people, multitasking and cross-platform are very close, so YouTube's new ideas look extremely promising.

Do you like the novelties that YouTube is preparing for users? Will there be a promising solution to expand Shorts for Smart TV? Please share your thoughts below.