Tips for Newcomers to Geometry Dash

  • 07-04-2022 |
  • Oscar Jennings

Geometry Dash is an online game that can be played on a computer or mobile device. The objective of the game is to guide a character through a series of obstacles to reach the finish line. The game is divided into levels, and each level becomes increasingly difficult.

There are a few tips that newcomers to Geometry Dash should keep in mind in order to improve their chances of success.

1. Pay attention to the tutorials. 

The tutorials in Geometry Dash can be very helpful in understanding the game and how to play it. Pay attention to the tutorials so that you can learn the basics of the game and how to overcome the different challenges.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best pieces of advice for newcomers to Geometry Dash is to practice as much as possible. The more time that is spent playing the game, the better the player will become at maneuvering their character through the various levels.

There is no shame in losing a level multiple times. In fact, it is to be expected. The key is to keep trying until the level is completed.

3. Use the Practice Mode

Geometry Dash includes a practice mode for players who want to get a feel for the game before diving in headfirst. In practice mode, players can try out different levels and get a feel for how the game works. This is a great way for newcomers to learn the ropes without the pressure of having to complete a level.

4. Check out Online Resources

There are a number of online resources that can be helpful for newcomers to Geometry Dash. These resources can provide tips, tricks, and strategies for completing levels. One such resource is the Geometry Dash Wiki, which can be found at

5. Check out user-created levels

One of the best ways to get better at Geometry Dash is to play user-created levels. There are thousands of user-created levels available, and they can be found by searching for “Geometry Dash user levels” on a search engine.

User-created levels are often more creative and challenging than the official levels, so they are a great way to improve your skills.

6. Take Breaks

It can be easy to get frustrated when playing Geometry Dash, especially when stuck on a difficult level. When this happens, it is important to take a break from the game.

Stepping away from the game for a little while can help clear the mind and make it easier to come back and tackle the level with a fresh perspective.

7. Have Fun

Above all else, it is important to remember that Geometry Dash is a game and should be treated as such. The objective is to have fun and enjoy the challenge.
If a level is proving to be too difficult, there is no shame in coming back to it at a later time. There is no need to force oneself to complete a level if it is proving to be too much of a challenge.


The Geometry Dash game is an incredibly popular game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, it can be challenging for newcomers to the game to get started. I hope my tips will help you get started and improve your game. If you have your own secrets for playing Geometry Dash, please share them in the comments!