Mastering Hades 2: How to Speedrun Like a Pro

  • 22-06-2024 |
  • Delilah Carrington

There are few experiences as thrilling as setting a new personal best after hours of speedrunning your favorite game. Hades 2 offers adrenaline-rush-packed speedruns and has an incredibly dedicated community. Here’s your definitive guide to getting started with Unseeded Any Fear speedruns in Hades 2.

Step 1: Initial Setup for Speedrunning

Turn On the In-Game Timer

Begin by enabling the in-game timer to track your run. Follow these simple steps:

Initial Setup for Speedrunning

  1. Open the Pause menu and navigate to the Options.
  2. Under the "Gameplay" tab, check the box next to "Timer Display."
  3. Exit the Pause menu. The timer will now be visible in the top right corner of your screen during the run.

Recording Your Run

If you plan to submit your run to the leaderboard, you'll need recording software like OBS to capture your gameplay. While sound isn't necessary, it certainly makes your run more entertaining to watch.

Ensure that you record a complete run, showing the previous run’s ending before starting your speedrun. This is to confirm your run is fresh and free of any RNG manipulation.

Choosing Fear Modifiers

In Unseeded Any Fear runs, you can use any number of Fear modifiers for the Oath of the Unseen. For optimal speed:

  • Select Maximum Vow of Fury to ensure enemies move and spawn faster.
  • Consider Vow of Forsaking to filter unwanted boons. However, post-Patch 2, this option becomes riskier since it doesn't help in acquiring Legendary or Duo boons.

Step 2: Choosing Your Weapon

Run with What You're Comfortable With

The choice of weapon greatly influences your speedrun. The current fastest weapons in the game are Medea Skulls, Moros Flames, and Charon Axe. As of version .92350, Medea Skulls hold the record for the fastest Unseeded Any Fear run.

Choosing Weapon

Planning Keepsakes

Your choice of keepsakes can make or break your run. Keepsakes virtually guarantee to receive the god associated with it:

  • Start with a keepsake that aligns with the essential boons for your weapon.
  • Once you have obtained your core boons, switch to damage-enhancing keepsakes like the White Antler or Blackened Fleece.

Step 3: Optimize Arcana Cards and White Antler

Expert speedrunners often maintain their max life at exactly 30 HP to utilize the White Antler keepsake efficiently. This involves a specific Arcana card setup where the Centaur Arcana card is not unlocked to avoid ruining the build.

You can even download maxed files online that lack the Centaur unlock. Nonetheless, it's encouraged to experiment with different Arcana card configurations based on your weapon and playstyle to find what works best for you.

Step 4: Implementing Speedrun Techniques

Prioritize Free or Fast Rooms

Always opt for "free rooms" or faster rooms:

  • NPC rooms
  • Charon’s store
  • Chaos portals
  • Break rooms

Implementing Speedrun Techniques

Rooms with minor finds can also become free rooms if characters like Nemesis, Artemis, or Icarus appear since they freeze the timer during interactions.

Utilizing Chaos Portals

Chaos portals are invaluable as they serve as both free rooms and provide powerful buffs to enhance your run. After leaving Oceanus, these portals will cease to appear unless you purchase the Spark of Ixion item from the Well of Charon.

Skip Time-Wasting Activities

Avoid engaging in any activities that consume time unnecessarily, such as:

  • Collecting resources
  • Talking to NPCs unnecessarily

While these actions stop the clock during the interaction, the seconds spent moving toward them can hinder your speedrun.

Strategic Pausing

If you need to think or strategize, pause the game to halt the timer and plan your next moves without losing precious seconds.

Smart Positioning During Spawns

Position yourself near exit doors and walls to group enemy spawns in your immediate vicinity. This tactic helps you clear enemies faster and save time.

Step 5: Finalizing Your Speedrun

Finalizing Your Speedrun

Beating Chronos

Once you've beaten Chronos, your final in-game time will reflect the duration of your run. Make sure to display your end screen and Victory screen after defeating Chronos to complete your submission.

Continuous Improvement

Keep practicing to refine your strategy and techniques. Every run offers an opportunity to learn and improve, enabling you to consistently cut down your time and set new personal bests.

Good luck on your speedrunning journey in Hades 2! With dedication and this comprehensive guide, you’ll be blazing through levels and setting records in no time.