Exploring the Potential: How Could Collaboration Enrich the Starfield Experience?

  • 28-08-2023 |
  • Delilah Carrington

As we elevate our excitement, awaiting the advent of Bethesda's Starfield, our minds are drawn toward the immense potential of multiplayer scenarios in this inherently single-player space odyssey. From the unfolding narrative to the immersive space setting, Starfield holds a treasure trove of opportunities for an engaging co-op experience. In the pursuit of a fully rounded out space adventure, coming hand in hand with others would undoubtedly enhance the gameplay. Here are five ways in which cooperative gameplay could enrich the Starfield experience.

Deepen the Exploration with the Extended Runtime

Deepen the Exploration with the Extended Runtime

Delving into the vast space virtually alone may evoke a sense of wonder, but imagine sharing this feeling with someone else. Embarking on an interstellar adventure together might significantly extend the runtime and intensify the playthrough experience. From meeting new characters and forming alliances with non-playable entities to royally exploring a labyrinth of planets, cooperative play will undoubtedly add layers to the gameplay, carving space for multiple playthroughs and infinite opportunities.

Boost Engagement with Item Trade

Trading, an essential element in many MMOs, could also prove to be a boon in Starfield. With weapons and shackles of items possessing different rarity levels, the ability to trade with fellow players could greatly enhance the gameplay. This function could reduce the grind for super-rare items and enable players to showcase their character builds, promoting further engagement within the game.

Amplify the Adventure with Space Flight/ Ship Raids

Amplify the Adventure with Space Flight Ship Raids

Ship invasion is one of the prime exciting elements of Starfield. Enhancing this scenario with cooperative gameplay would multiply the excitement. Leading raids or engaging in thrilling space flights with a friend could bring depth to interactions, infusing a riveting twist into the gameplay. The notion of collaborating with other players on such adventures could create a space for refreshing encounters with enemy AI.

Make Outposts More Significant

Outposts returning from No Man's Sky will make their presence felt in Starfield. With co-op implemented, these hubs could become more than just a resting place. They could become gathering spots or showcasing platforms where friends could flaunt their monumental outposts, adding an interesting social touch to this otherwise lonely space endeavor.

Pepper New Tactics via Combat Backup

Pepper New Tactics via Combat Backup

Combat in RPG is a complex orchestra where your build, location, and enemy type all dictate the rhythm. In Starfield, this complexity will be compounded with the different terrains like zero gravity locations. Introducing multiplayer at this juncture will act as helpful backup, offering more tactical depth and allowing different approaches to this challenging combat.

In conclusion, adding a cooperative layer to Starfield's single-player-focused design could greatly enhance the player experience. From extended runtime to innovative combat tactics, these aspects open up a realm of opportunities. Even as the game is set up to stand tall as a single-player adventure, the untapped potential of co-op play looms large, promising a game that could captivate us in ways we wouldn't be able to imagine.